Reported Cases

Published court opinions are made at the direction of the court, and often contain pronouncements about what the law is and how it should be interpreted, they reinforce, change, establish, or overturn legal precedent. If a court decides that an opinion should be published, the opinion is included in a volume of books called law reports (or “Official Reports” in California). Published opinions of courts are also collectively referred to as case law, which is one of the major sources of law in common law legal systems.  In California, publication of court opinions are governed by California Rules of Court, Rule 8.1105 “Publication of appellate opinions.”


Mr. Van Buskirk has had three cases published in the Official Reports for California, including a

unanimous decision before the Supreme Court of California.


California Supreme Court:

Aryeh v. Canon Business Solutions, Inc. (2013) 55 Cal.4th 1185, 151 Cal.Rptr.3d 827.

(Successfully representing an individual plaintiff.)

CLICK HERE:  Supreme Court Opening Brief

CLICK HERE:  Supreme Court Opinion


California Court of Appeal:

Hughes Electronics Corp. v. Citibank Del. (2004) 120 Cal.App.4th 251, 15 Cal.Rptr.3d 244.

(Successfully representing Citibank Delaware.)

CLICK HERE:  Court of Appeal Opinion


Cziraki v. Thunder Cats, Inc. (2003) 111 Cal.App.4th 552, 3 Cal.Rptr.3d 419.

(Successfully representing an individual plaintiff.)

CLICK HERE:  Court of Appeal Opinion